Woodbury & Woodbury East Villages not cooperating with Realtors

by Robert Mack on April 19, 2010

in Irvine Real Estate

I’m working with some great clients looking in the Irvine, Orange County area for a newer home.  I have been showing them re-sale homes for the past couple of weeks, and yesterday while we were on our tour, I mentioned to them about the new homes that are being built in the Woodbury & Woodbury East Villages.  They were excited to learn more about what these communities had to offer, so I spent a couple of hours this morning refreshing my knowledge of the different models, to narrow their search down to homes that met or exceeded their criteria.woodbury grand opening

As I browsed around and got different brochures from the different builders to help my clients and I get started, I learned something new!  Woodbury & Woodbury East are NOT co-operating with brokers.  What this means is that the builder is only working directly with prospective buyers on any sale/purchase of a home within these communities.  It’s actually sad because as I walked into each office and introduced myself as a realtor doing some research for clients, the first thing out of their mouth was…”We aren’t cooperating with brokers”.  I knew this and just was doing research for my clients and even then, didn’t get the most friendly service.

When I work with clients I always treat them exactly how I would want to be treated, therefore, even if home builders are not cooperating with brokers, I still let them know about the newer communities even if I can’t help them!  I may lose them to a new home builder, however I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t let them know about ALL of their options before purchasing the right home.

Why I think that the builders are making a mistake in not cooperating with brokers is that, many buyers may be missing out on new home opportunites because their agents may not be taking them there.  Essentially, when a builder does not cooperate with a broker, and a brokers client buy’s a new home from a builder, the broker does not get paid.  As much as I don’t agree with this, the reality is that brokers are working with clients for a living and the fact that the new home builders aren’t cooperating simply makes some agents shy away from letting their clients know about these new home opportunities.

The builders need the support of the local realtor community and the only way they will get that 100% support is to support us as well.  In the end, I am doing the right thing and making sure MY clients know what is out there, however not everyone may be doing this and I think it all starts from the builders trying to save a buck.

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