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by Robert Mack on March 2, 2011

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When it comes to home improvement during tough economic times, the conventional wisdom is to do the little things that make a big impact. Paint is usually a great start. After all, simply applying a fresh coat can make a space look new. Replacing cabinets can have the same effect.

Nevertheless, touch-ups are not always enough for what ails a room. Sometimes that room needs remodeling, but how do we know? Here are some indications that remodeling is called for.

You need to change function of the room. A room that needs more space, for example, can incorporate an adjacent room. This will call for you to knock down the wall separating the two. Of course, you need to be sure it’s not a load-bearing wall.

Adding value to your home will often call for revamping many elements including floors, counters, appliances, and lights. If you’ll be selling your home, these changes are a must, especially if they’re out of date.

Old finishes and surfaces like tile may be hiding mold. If tile is cracked and falling off of walls, you may need to replace your drywall.

Empty-nesters may consider changing an old room into a hobby-craft room or even a gym (if I may be so bold).

There comes a time when your appliance and fixtures become a drain on your wallet. Older toilets and refrigerators, even water heaters cost more to operate than newer models. Energy efficient models will pay for themselves with savings on utilities. Leaky faucets, showerheads, etc. should be replaced as well as poorly insulated window panes. A/C costs will drop significantly with double-paned window models.

All remodels depend on timing. If you’re not able to do the work yourself, you’ll want to wait until the market is good for hiring a contractor, and materials are more affordable.

When you don’t enjoy your living space, do something about it. Take control of your home and spruce it up – if retouching is not cutting it, remodel.

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