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by Robert Mack on February 7, 2011

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Valentine's Day gift

A perfect gift for Valentine’s Day is given with love, received with delight, and treasured forever. If you’re wondering what to give that special someone on February 14th visit your local independent jewellery shop for inspiration.

Symbols of love
Too shy to say ‘I love you’? Can’t find the right words to express exactly how you feel? Let your Valentine’s Day gift make your emotions clear by choosing jewellery that incorporates unmistakeable symbols of love and devotion.

Hearts. Recognised worldwide as a symbol of true love, hearts have always been a popular theme in jewellery design and are particularly appropriate for Valentine’s Day. Pick a heart that reflects the personality of your beloved: a bold, gold heart pendant studded with sparkling pink stones for a party girl; delicate heart-shaped links in a silver chain for someone more reserved.

Roses. A gift of roses is always a romantic gesture but, sadly, the real ones soon fade. For an everlasting token of your love give a bangle engraved with roses, a brooch featuring a realistic enamelled rose, or a rose-decorated trinket box.

Keys. If you want to show someone they hold the key to your heart – or even that you’d like to share the keys of a joint home – look for symbolic keys on cufflinks, necklaces and dangling from earrings.

The thought that counts
A Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t have to be wildly expensive or showy to impress. The important thing is choosing it with love and care. Take your time to browse, think of the recipient and ask yourself what he or she would find attractive. When you’ve narrowed the choice down to two or three pieces of jewellery try to imagine the person wearing each of them in turn. Which one looks right to you?

Buy the highest quality you can afford. A beautifully crafted piece of jewellery made from the finest materials conveys the message that only the best is good enough for the one you love. Avoid mass produced items and seek out a shop run by professional jewellers who create their own unique ranges of jewellery, or stock one-off pieces by other talented designers.

The personal touch
Whether you’re celebrating a first Valentine’s Day with someone you’ve only recently met, or you want to please the person who has shared your life for many years, it’s the personal touch you add to a gift of fine jewellery that will be noticed and appreciated.

Is there some symbol that will remind your loved one of the place where you met, a shared interest that brought you together, or a dream you are both determined to achieve? It might not be obviously romantic to anyone else, but if you explain what you want to an experienced jeweller they will either be able to obtain something suitable or make a new piece of jewellery to your own design.

Other ideas include having a watch or ring engraved with a secret message, slipping a favourite photo or love poem into a locket, or simply presenting your gift in an unusual but romantic setting.

If you’re waiting for the last minute to suprise your loved ones on valentines day, then stop! I’ve already purchased my wife a beautiful present and have already made dinner reservations for her favorite restaurant and it’s only the 7th of February! Get on it…..

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