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by Robert Mack on December 5, 2010

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Shopping for gifts during the Great Depression

Shopping for gifts during the Great Depression

Editor’s note: Everett timed this post perfectly… not only because of the holiday season, but also because yesterday’s #ecogifts chat on Twitter really focused on simple, handmade, and inexpensive. You can still drop in a Tweet with your ideas… just use the #ecogifts hashtag.

As anyone with parents or grandparents who grew up during the Great Depression knows, they had to walk up-hill both ways, trudge through snow to go to the bathroom – and all they got for Christmas was one piece of candy and an orange. Right? Although they did get fewer presents, the truth is that theirs were better – at least in some ways. Is a gift better because it costs more, or because it took thought and time? Is the act of buying something as thoughtful as making it? Here are some gift ideas that may not cost very much, but which may just be one of the most appreciated gift your loved one, friend, or co-worker receives this year.

Jars of Food

Canning, or “putting food up” used to be a standard late-summer and fall chore – like raking the leaves and carving a pumpkin. Few of us even grow any of our own food these days, and only a tiny fraction of us actually know how to can. But nothing so inexpensive says “I spent time on you” like some home-canned food. If you planted the tomatoes, weeded them, picked them, washed them, and canned them – you’ll know how truly special each of those jars really is.

A Scarf and Hat

If you know how to knit, great! Pass Go and get to work. But for the rest of us, even an ugly hat is a special hat when it’s the first one we’ve ever made. My wife gave me the first scarf she ever made. As wavy as the edges were, and as many holes and knots that were in it – that thing is still my favorite scarf.

Some Soap

I learned how to make my own soap and was surprised that it wasn’t as time-consuming or difficult to make as I had thought. While you can make it as complicated as you want, the basic ingredients are Lye, Lard and Water. The basic process is: melt the fat, mix in the lye-water, pour into a mold, and cut when dry. Find a good recipe online and give it a try!

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Check out this article on some simple and inexpensive gifts for this holiday season that still mean a lot! No need to go over board on your gifts this year, it’s the thought that counts!!!

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