Sometimes the MLS is just not enough to find the right home in Irvine!

by Robert Mack on October 15, 2010

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I heard a few months back from an investor client of mine that only 2% of all homes are listed for sale on the MLS.  What this means is that 98% of homes are not listed, however for one reason or another may be for sale!  You see, if the price is right, everything is for sale (in most cases), therefore just because a home is not listed for sale doesn’t mean you can’t try and sell it – right?   In a so called “tough market”, it’s the creative agents that are selling the best homes to the most qualified buyers.  Many home buyers may want to sell but may not have the right information, or may not know a good agent, or they could even be scared from all the news!

So you may be asking yourself, why is this important to me?  Well the reason why it’s important is because every buyer is looking for homes that are listed on the MLS to buy and the competition is stiff!  By eliminating this competition and going for homes that are not listed may just be your ticket!  Right now I am working with a great couple that are looking for the right home in a specific tract and the pickings are slim.   What I have done is sent out a mailing to all of the homeowners in this specific tract asking for their help and seeing if they are interested in selling their home without putting it on the market.  If there is an interested seller, then this could work out perfect for everyone involved which will ultimately create a perfect sale.  My buyers will find the home they want and the seller can sell their home without the hassles of actually listing it.  Keep in mind that for this to work, you as a buyer must have a very good idea of where you want to live or you could just spend a lot of time and money sending letters to multiple tracts.

Below is a copy of the letter that I sent out to 68 home owners in this specific tract in hopes to help my buyer find the perfect home! 

Dear “Irvine tract home owner”,


I need your help!!! 

I am currently working with great buyers who are looking to live in your community and want to buy NOW.  J and his wife are expecting their first baby and have been anxiously looking for a home in this community that is at least 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms, and unfortunately the pickings are slim.

If you have considered selling your home in the near future or even sooner please give me a call or send me an email as my clients are ready, willing, and able….not to mention very motivated to buy the 3 bedroom unit within the months to come.  They have been pre-approved for a purchase price which is above the market value for these homes and are just looking for the right one to buy.  Hopefully it is yours!  They are willing to pay fair market value for your home and if you are interested, we can schedule a day and time to view your home to see if it will work for them. 

Please know that my intention is not to list your home for sale, rather it is to help my clients find the right home to buy.  If my clients do not move forward on the purchase of your home, we will be on our way.  This is NOT an attempt on my part to simply list your home to sell.


My contact information is below and you can contact me anytime to arrange for an appointment and if my clients like your home, we can discuss the details of the transaction.  My goal is to find J and his wife their perfect “first home” and with your help I know we can make it happen.


How this can benefit you is very easy……


You WON’T have to prepare your home to sell, interview the right agent(s) to list it, and worst of all keep it clean everyday only to have agents and their clients walk through it until it sells (which could take months in today’s market).  If my clients like your home and we can reach an agreement on price and terms, we can open escrow and you can achieve your goals of selling your home within 45 days!  If this sounds good to you please give me a call!

All the best,



Robert Mack 

Century 21 Professionals




p.s. – I have included comps of 3 bedroom 2 bathroom homes that have sold in your community within the past 6 months so you can have an idea of what the fair market value in your neighborhood is.  Depending on the location, condition, and amount of upgrades, the price of your home may be higher or lower. 

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