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by Robert Mack on December 23, 2010

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For investors, being a landlord can be pretty darned cool. It’s a shame that more individuals don’t invest in income-producing real estate, because it’s one of the most powerful ways for middle-class folks to generate wealth.

Buying property and becoming a landlord is a great investment, but only if you do your homework. And there’s a common pitfall that many would-be real estate moguls succumb to: overpaying for property.

When you pay too much, you immediately find yourself in a money-losing hole from which it could take years to recover. Even worse, you might never recoup your money at all.

But if you pay the right amount for your property, there’s potential to reap steady, long-term returns as a landlord.

Admittedly, managing tenants isn’t always a piece of cake (that’s a subject for another time) but focusing strictly on the financial aspects, here are two sure-fire yardsticks to use when evaluating a property:

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