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Irvine Real Estate Link, CA – Is real estate market picking up?

by Robert Mack August 21, 2008 Irvine Real Estate

After about three years of market slump, it seems only logical that Irvine property prices should rise. Ever since early 2006 up to present time (August 2008) the property prices have dropped just a little over 20%. A live example is the house that my parents purchased in the Northpark Square, Irvine, in July of […]

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Irvine Real Estate Link, CA – Renting out your property – pros and cons

by Robert Mack August 20, 2008 Irvine Real Estate

Your personal character plays an integral part in renting out your Irvine property to total strangers. You have no idea who the tenants are, therefore you take a risk. To minimize this risk, you have their credits, places of employment and monthly incomes checked, and perhaps interview them personally in order to build an impression, […]

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Irvine Real Estate Link, CA – When to buy property

by Robert Mack August 18, 2008 Irvine Real Estate

For an investor in Irvine properties there is no such thing as bad times. Fluctuating times, yes, but not bad times. An established investor harvests his or her crop during sellers’ market period and sows the seeds during buyers’ market time. The only drawback may be the ability to forecast Irvine real estate market situation. […]

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Irvine Real Estate Link, CA – *The Great Park Connection

by Robert Mack August 17, 2008 Irvine Real Estate

One of the perks of having an Irvine property is what goes in and around this relatively new, active and extremely clean city: The Great Park Connection is one. City of Irvine and Orange County Great Park Corporation have invited residents of the city and Orange County, in general, to join for the Festival of […]

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Irvine Real Estate link, CA – Banks and foreclosures

by Robert Mack August 13, 2008 Irvine Real Estate

I don’t want to insult the intelligence of the reader, but there are folks who don’t know what foreclosures mean, and for the benefit of those few I would like to define this term in the layman’s language. When one borrows money from a financial institution to purchase a property and for some reason or […]

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Irvine Real Estate Link, CA – Preparing to sell your Irvine home?

by Robert Mack August 10, 2008 Irvine Real Estate

In today’s market and economic conditions, selling your Irvine home maybe a chore to be reckoned with. It is difficult to get your asking price, nevertheless, not impossible. It all depends on a variety of circumstances, and a bit of luck, if I might add. 1. First and foremost, your agent: The agent plays a […]

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Irvine Real Estate Link, CA – Orange County Supplementary taxes

by Robert Mack August 8, 2008 Irvine Real Estate

The supplementary tax bill was introduced in the State of California on July 1st 1983. It is a rather intricate assessment, but I’ll try, for the benefit of some of our readers, to make it as simple as possible. Most of you know what it is. Simply put: when a property changes hands (or after […]

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Irvine Real Estate Link, CA – Effects of adverse economic situation

by Robert Mack August 7, 2008 Irvine Real Estate

As we are all aware of the slow real estate pace not only in Irvine, Orange County, but across the board, many brokers and real estate professionals believe in changing course in order to put bread on their tables. Some may not be as hasty as to quit the trade altogether yet others simply give […]

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Irvine Real Estate Link, CA – Property taxes and declining property values

by Robert Mack August 6, 2008 Irvine Real Estate

This is going to be an informative blog for those who are not aware of the relationship between declining Irvine real estate property values and Orange County’s Net Assessed property taxes. As real estate professionals, The Mack Team of Century21 – Irvine, is committed to inform, educate and serve its clients (past and present). One […]

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Irvine Real Estate Link, CA – Choosing the right agent

by Robert Mack August 5, 2008 Irvine Real Estate

If—and this is a BIG if—you are able to choose the right real estate professional, commonly known as agent or broker, might make a world of difference in your endeavors in purchasing your Irvine home. But how does one do that? To be quite frank with you, I don’t know the exact answer myself, it […]

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