Northpark Square Sales Activity is up 55% compared to last year!

by Robert Mack on January 6, 2010

in Irvine Real Estate

The signs all point in the same direction!  Home prices have become so much more affordable compared to the prior years, interest rates are historically low ranging between the high 4’s-mid 5’s (depending on your loan structure), Irvine, Orange County inventory has significantly dropped, and there are so many tax credits for buyers to take advantage of.  All of these factors have made it one of the best times to sell and/or buy a home in comparison to the past years.  In most areas, prices have stabilized and in select areas, prices have even gone up!

Sales activity is up in almost every area in Irvine, CA.  Whether you are looking to BUY your first home, second home/investment home, or SELL your current home and move up. NOW IS THE TIME!  My mentor would always tell me that the majority of money made in real estate is always made on the purchase!  By that token, if you are a buyer, you are in the driver seat based on all of the points/benefits made above.  On the flip side, this also has a positive outlook for sellers in two main ways.  First, if you are a seller, you have a high number of qualified and motivated buyers competing against each other to buy a home NOW, therefore you increase your chances of having a multiple offer situation and pushing the sales price above the actual list price (especially since inventory is low).  The best priced homes are selling within days of being on the market to the highest and most capable buyer. Secondly, after you sell your home you BECOME a buyer, in the driver seat, and you can make up selling your home at a reduced price (compared to previous years) by buying your new/move up home at a fraction of the cost and still taking advantage of all the buyer benefits offered today!  If you wait for the market value of your home to go up before you sell, then be prepared to pay more for your new home and take a gamble on higher interest rates.  No matter how you look at it, SELLING NOW IS A WIN WIN SITUATION!

In the Northpark Square community of Irvine, Orange County during the times of 10/1/2009 through 12/31/2009 (which is the final quarter of the year) a total of 17 homes sold.  This number is 55% higher than the same time period last year, where only 11 homes sold!  Clearly more homes are selling and more buyers are buying now.

Northpark Square Home Sales from 10/1/2009 through 12/31/2009 – (17 Closed Sales)

  1. 5 Delano                –              Sold on 10/1/2009
  2. 14 Julian               –              Sold on 10/2/2009
  3. 42 Whitford         –              Sold on 10/5/2009
  4. 10 Inglenook      –              Sold on 10/6/2009
  5. 8 Dos Rios            –              Sold on 10/7/2009
  6. 6 Avalon               –              Sold on 10/9/2009
  7. 34 Leucadia         –              Sold on 10/14/2009
  8. 2 Flora Spgs         –              Sold on 10/20/2009
  9. 2 Galena                –              Sold on 10/21/2009
  10. 41 Bella Rosa       –              Sold on 10/28/2009
  11. 16 Riveroaks       –              Sold on 10/29/2009
  12. 8 Galena                –              Sold on 11/6/2009
  13. 3 Cabazon            –              Sold on 11/12/2009
  14. 17 Ravendale     –              Sold on 11/12/2009
  15. 12 Rutherford    –              Sold on 11/16/2009
  16. 26 Kernville        –              Sold on 11/30/2009
  17. 18 Forest HI        –              Sold on 12/23/2009

Northpark Square Home Sales from 10/1/2008 through 12/31/2008 – (11 Closed Sales)

  1. 74 Rosenblum    –              Sold on 10/24/2008
  2. 5 Villager              –              Sold on 10/25/2008
  3. 17 Leucadia         –              Sold on 10/26/2008
  4. 78 Rosenblum    –              Sold on 11/7/2008
  5. 1 Rutherford        –              Sold on 11/10/2008
  6. 7 Rutherford       –              Sold on 11/10/2008
  7. 12 Leucadia         –              Sold on 11/14/2008
  8. 3 Raines                 –              Sold on 11/18/2008
  9. 25 Leucadia         –              Sold on 12/8/2008
  10. 20 Taquitz            –              Sold on 12/17/2008
  11. 10 Iron Springs  –              Sold on 12/24/2008

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