Who do you know that needs help with a SHORT SALE?

by Robert Mack on June 7, 2010

in Irvine Real Estate

I was reading an article the other day about home sellers who are experiencing difficulty in paying their monthly home payment, and the statistics were ALARMING…to say the least.  The article said that over 50% of home owners now having trouble with their home payment or simply not even making their home payment will do nothing or have done nothing to help themselves out of the situation.  That to me is CRAZY!  What this tells me is that over 50% of homes that foreclose are on home owners who never tried 1 thing to help themselves create a better outcome!

Avoid ForeclosureIt is cliche to say that doing nothing (to avoid foreclosure) is the absolute worst thing a home owner can do, but the reality is that it is TRUE.  Look, we all know that the situation may be embarrassing and very stressful, and what we want to keep in mind is that YOU are not alone…..there are many home owners experiencing this same situation, and it is only temporary!  The banks are doing everything they can to work with home owners in this exact situation (even though sometimes it feels like they aren’t), so take them up on their offer, and learn about different ways to either help you keep your home or to sell it as a short sale and do what is right…and save your credit at the same time!

Every time I work with a seller on a short sale, they feel like it is the end of the world, and once it is all said and done they are always so grateful that I was able to help them put this behind them so that they can move forward again.  There are many options that one can take to avoid foreclosure and the great news is that in most cases it won’t even cost the home owners a penny if they just take the time to learn more about them. 

If you or anyone you know may be having difficulty paying their monthly payment or needs to sell and is underwater on their loan, please have them reach out to me!  15 minutes could be the difference between them making the right decision or the wrong one.  I only want to help home owners that WANT help to turn it around and take control of their situation.  You can always email me or call me directly at 949-209-7309.  Let’s work together and help those that really need it!

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