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by Robert Mack on June 1, 2011

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Getting approved for a loan in today’s Irvine Real Estate market is not like it used to be 4+ years ago.  Whether you are looking for a home in Irvine, have considered buying your next home, or have friends who are, I’m sure you’ve experienced or heard stories about how difficult it can be to qualify and get approved for a home loan.  Each month that goes by, the lenders are asking for more and more information so they can be sure you will have the ability to pay them back on a monthly basis and ultimately avoid the mess we are currently experiencing today!  Interest rates are historically low and so many want to take advantage of them, however not everyone can.  The most important factors to keep in mind when a lender is reviewing your information is C I A.  Credit Scores, Income and employment, and Assets.  A combination of all three are used to determine whether or not you qualify for a loan and if one is not there, you may be in the dog house (at least for now).  A current client of mine has a great job right now that he absolutely hates and asked me if he could switch jobs and get a new one, even though he has been pre-approved for a loan and our response was…………………….Click the video below!

For any financing questions, or to get pre-approved, send Robert Mack an email or call directly to be put in contact with Tim Christensen from Bank of America and go from guessing to knowing!

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