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by Robert Mack on August 3, 2008

in Irvine Real Estate

My wife and I are a team, The Mack Team, and live in Northpark Square in Irvine. We mainly concentrate on Orange County, specifically Irvine homes, and hardly deviate from this area. This is not to say that we will not consider other close by areas, but to say that our main focus is on a small group of prospects in the area who may need guidance and assistance in purchasing a new home or selling their existing one. Remember, a property is not a pair of shoes that one may spend ten minutes deciding whether or not to buy it, it is a dream. It is something that you and your family will spend many years in it. You want it conveniently located near schools, shopping centers and places of entertainment. You want it to be comfortable.
Like many other areas, Irvine property inventory is quite large. Buyers have the leverage these days, and in most cases they [buyers] can afford to dictate the terms, and usually get away with it. Therefore, an Irvine real estate agent should not press so hard and be pushy.

The Mack Team
of Century21 professionals understands that. It commits itself on spending time with potential customers, and we do mean it sincerely. As the economic situation deteriorates, we, as real estate professionals, must work harder to acquire the trust of our customers. Forging a strong bond between us, even if the potential Irvine home buyer shows signs of skepticism, we should appreciate their concerns and put them at ease instead of seeing dollars slipping away, which is the worst thing an agent can feel and especially show it. And let me tell you something: the prospective buyer is smart enough to see and feel the negative vibrations in their agent.
Don’t think about the gas prices. Let them hop into your car, show them other properties, feel at ease, and make them feel at ease. Suggest other areas in irvine, stop at a convenient café and offer them a soda or a coffee and pastry. Discuss your business at the sidewalk café. You will be surprised what this spontaneous action and your meager ten-dollar hospitality can do for your business. And even if they are not still able to come to a solid conclusion and you have done your best to hook them up, do not press—remember they can read your countenance—put the situation on the back burner, for a while. If they really are interested in a property they will come back to you because you have already proven yourself worthy, you have built a rapport, you have paved the way and all they have to do is to walk on it. It is almost impossible for that prospective buyer to engage another agent. Don’t be a sore looser by showing your contempt for spending time and money in vain. Change your tactics, and subtly suggest Irvine foreclosure properties, although dealing with foreclosures may be somewhat of a headache for both the agent and the buyer, but the outcome may be quite rewarding.
Bullshitting definitely will not work, showing a lot of teeth and ear-to-ear smiles are also a no no, unless honestly displayed and only if the situation calls for. Do not press, do not feel desperate, do not hand out more than one business card unless you are specifically asked for more, do not overwhelm them with futile real estate statistics.
The prospective buyer knows how much money and time you spend on them showing properties, they appreciate it without your telling them. End the tour with them on good terms, no matter what the outcome. Think of possible comebacks and referrals. (Please see my Weblog titled: After Close of Escrow).
Views, comments, responses and constructive criticisms are welcome.

Make it a great day.
The Mack Team
Robert & Tania Mack
Century21 Professionals
Irvine, Orange County, California.

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