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by Robert Mack on August 5, 2008

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If—and this is a BIG if—you are able to choose the right real estate professional, commonly known as agent or broker, might make a world of difference in your endeavors in purchasing your Irvine home. But how does one do that? To be quite frank with you, I don’t know the exact answer myself, it is a difficult chore. I can easily say: “I am good, select me”. “I guarantee to give you service you deserve”. “I’ll work hard for you to get you your home; I’ve done it before, trust me”. “I’ll give you a good deal on the commission”. Blah, blah, blah… boooooooriiiiiiiiing!

One of the indications, again, this is not fool proof, is past history. But can one bring oneself as to be bold enough to ask such a forward question? I’d say yes, especially today, especially the way the Irvine real estate market is behaving now. Many years ago, probably not. If the agent has nothing to worry about he or she would concur. Some may take offence. Not today, the agent can’t afford to take offence if he or she plans to close the appointment.

Apart from history, one can interview several agents from different, or even the same, brokerage firms and put the same questions to each and everyone of them, at different times of course, and study their responses, study their body language, try and capture wasted words, such as “you can’t loose with me” or—the one I dearly hate—“trust me”, and such. A seasoned Irvine realtor would listen more and talk less and when he or she talks would be concise, brief and to the point, giving you ample opportunities to ask questions. Being informative and helpful, subtle smiles, not pushy, never desperate-looking… you get the drift, I’m sure.

But the most common way to know that you may be in the right hands is either by referral by someone that you know and trust, or someone that you have done business with before satisfactorily. Today, you, as a buyer, can be choosy, you have the leverage on your agent and your agent has leverage on the seller’s agent.

I used to operate as a single agent, but today my wife helps me and we are a team in the real estate profession. One of the advantages of being a team, especially husband and wife, people seem to put more trust in you. When we appear in front of a prospective Irvine homebuyer or seller, I’ve noticed their almost-immediate desire to work with us. They seem to be feeling safe to do business with a team. “If he is not available, perhaps the partner can help or vice versa”, they may think.

So, do your part the best you can in selecting your agent. However, let me give you an important piece of advice: Do not base your selection criterion(a) solely on how much property this agent has sold or bought in the past, even though it may be a desirable factor in your decision-making. I leave the reason for this to the reader’s learned imagination.

Views, comments, responses and constructive criticisms are welcome.

Make it a great day.

The Mack Team

Robert & Tania Mack

Century21 Professionals

Irvine, Orange County, California

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