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by Robert Mack on August 18, 2008

in Irvine Real Estate

For an investor in Irvine properties there is no such thing as bad times. Fluctuating times, yes, but not bad times. An established investor harvests his or her crop during sellers’ market period and sows the seeds during buyers’ market time. The only drawback may be the ability to forecast Irvine real estate market situation. Educated guesses based on history may be a good practice but not fool-proof, same with current trends. We don’t know when this trend may change direction and to what degree. Every five or six years the real estate market takes half an oscillating turn—for better or for worse. In most cases Irvine property owners are generally winners for obvious reasons. Exceptions may be: medical reasons, divorce, moving, disagreement between partners and in rare cases, natural disasters not covered or only partially covered by insurance.

I don’t encourage folks to commit themselves if, for any reason, they cannot meet the subsequent responsibilities of property ownership. It has its headaches: property management costs, incessant tenant complaints and repairs, association fees where applies, possible vandalism after the tenant vacates, Orange County property taxes, and the monster of them all: delinquent tenants. It takes a down-to-earth like character to deal with such ordeals. If you don’t have it, I’d suggest you keep your 9-5 position with your employer. On the other hand, if you have it you will eventually reap the results and smile all the way to the bank. Oops! Did I say bank? Yuk! I hate that word; I mean reinvest in bricks, mortar and iron and plenty of two by fours.
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