Considering selling your Irvine Orange County home? Sometimes less IS more!

by Robert Mack on August 3, 2010

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The competition is stiff and inventory has definitely increased for the summer months.  If you are considering selling your home, there are a few things you should consider as a home seller.  When listing your home, you should have 2 intentions; one is to list at a price where you will net the most from the sale of your home, and two, list at a price that will create the buyers who are looking to “want” or almost even “need” to submit an offer on your home.  Multiple offers will always create a strong negotiation standpoint for you as the home seller.  It will not only give you the option to choose the highest and best buyer for your home, it will also allow you to negotiate with these buyers and allow them to determine the price for your home.  If done correctly, allowing a buyer or buyers to choose the price they pay for your home may even result in a sales price that is actually higher than you had initially planned to sell.  I mean how great would that be?

PriceLook at how the banks are selling their bank owned homes!  They are listing these properties for 5-10% below market and in some cases creating such a frenzy that they have up to 80 offers sometimes, maybe even more.  If you were a seller, would you like to work with 1 offer and haggle back and forth until you reach terms that you are just okay with, or would you rather have multiple offers and choose the best one, one that will allow you to accomplish your goals? 

To clarify a bit when I say “allow buyers to determine the price of your home”, what I mean here is that typically in a multiple offer situation, in is very common for a seller to respond to all offers with a counter asking each buyer for their highest and best offer.  What this does is create a huge amount of uncertainty in a buyers mind and if they want the home, they will do what they can to try and outbid other buyers.  This outbidding mentality is what will result in home seller accepting an offer that they are extremely happy with!  List your home for less, and sell it for more!  It’s that easy……

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on how to avoid appraisal issues as well as a post on how to determine fair market value

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