Considering a Short Sale on your Irvine home? Find out Which banks are the best?

by Robert Mack on March 15, 2010

in Irvine Real Estate

It’s no secret that Short Sales are not short (or easy), however some banks are better than others as far as customer service and turn around times, not to mention even offering incentives to some home owners who cooperate!  If you are considering a short sale, take a look at the list of banks and their rating before you do anything else.Short Sale in Irvine

As you read through this report, you can find your specific lender or lenders and develop a plan of attack so that you can do your best to get the job done and be prepared.  This report has most of the banks and each bank has a brief description of how they operate, potential fees, pros and cons, and much more.

You can learn the average time of acknowlegement to the short sale, time for short sale to be approved, average commissions that the bank is willing to pay, and real user comments from other agents that have had personal experiences working with that specif bank.

Don’t go into the process blindly.  Take a look at this Short Sale Report, and learn about your specific bank so that you can do your best to get the job done. 

This is also a fantastic tool for home buyers looking to purchase a short sale.  Although it isn’t guaranteed, it can give a home buyer the approximate wait timeline if they were to submit an offer on a home depending on the lenders involved.

If you need any specific information on certain banks, the short sale process, or just have questions, please contact Robert Mack.

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