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by Robert Mack on January 28, 2011

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The paper clutter in my house is almost as high as the snow piles at the end of the driveway.

Good thing it’s spread all over — receipts, magazines and books stacked on top of a dresser, tax papers and bills piled on the dining room table and “stuff to be filed in 2009”  in the computer room.

When guests come over the closets are the forbidden zone.  Sure, there’s a blow dryer from the 1980s and a dozen makeup bags from the Clinique free giveaways in the hall closet but I don’t feel as overwhelmed as a  woman on the HGTV show “House Crashers.”  Host Josh Temple opened the door to reveal clean towels mixed with sweaters heaped in a hopeless pile.
Office Max did a workspace organization survey that found that a chaotic space can negatively affect a person’s productivity, motivation and happiness. Who knew that unopened mail and your kids’ craft project from eternity could be such a bummer?

I decided to check out a hefty new book “200 Tips for De-cluttering: Room by Room, Including Outdoor Spaces and Eco Tips” by Daniela Santos Quartino  (Firefly, $39.95). At 800 pages, it could double as a dumbbell to tone my arms.

I like the book’s one-room-at-a-time approach and forcing you ponder “What would I save in this room if it were on fire?
But it’s mostly filled with photos of what looks like pricey sleek modular storage units and multi-functional furniture. I guess simple wicker baskets don’t look as cool.

I really don’t need 200 tips — just five effective ones.

How do you keep clutter under control? Do you have tricks and methods that work for you?

If you have issues with clutter, this is a must read! I know I have these issues!

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