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April 2010 Sales Activity for Irvine, Orange County is up Year-to-Year!

by Robert Mack May 7, 2010 Irvine Real Estate

Sales in Irvine, Orange County continue to SOAR compared to previous years.  If you have been following my blog posts, this goes right in line with the Sales Statistics for the 1st Qtr Irvine Sales statistics for 2010!  In April 2009 a total of 137 Homes sold. 25 of those were short sales with an average […]

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How will a foreclosure or Short sale on your Irvine home impact your credit?

by Robert Mack April 23, 2010 Irvine Real Estate

I get this question all of the time, and to be honest, I never really know the “real” answer, since the FICO score is such a mystery to everyone.  It’s like the google search engine!  We all go by it and swear by it, but in the end, how do they really come up with the […]

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Woodbury & Woodbury East Villages not cooperating with Realtors

by Robert Mack April 19, 2010 Irvine Real Estate

I’m working with some great clients looking in the Irvine, Orange County area for a newer home.  I have been showing them re-sale homes for the past couple of weeks, and yesterday while we were on our tour, I mentioned to them about the new homes that are being built in the Woodbury & Woodbury […]

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Irvine 1st Quarter Sales are through the roof!!

by Robert Mack April 9, 2010 Irvine Real Estate

No matter how you look at it…..any angle or direction, Irvine, Orange County home sales, average selling prices, and average days on the market are showing huge signs of improvement from last year. In the first quarter of 2009, from January 1st, 2009 through March 31st, 2009 a total of 285 homes sold.  This year, in […]

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India Cook House Restaurant in Irvine, Orange County

by Robert Mack March 26, 2010 Irvine Real Estate

I love supporting our local businesses in Irvine, Orange County! So I have decided to start blogging about my favorite shops and restaurants in Irvine to give others an idea of what this great city has to offer!  My wife and I love eating at great(and new) restaurants where the food is unique and deliciou,s so for […]

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Considering a Short Sale on your Irvine home? Find out Which banks are the best?

by Robert Mack March 15, 2010 Irvine Real Estate

It’s no secret that Short Sales are not short (or easy), however some banks are better than others as far as customer service and turn around times, not to mention even offering incentives to some home owners who cooperate!  If you are considering a short sale, take a look at the list of banks and […]

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Just moved to Irvine and curious about where your kids need to go to school??

by Robert Mack March 4, 2010 Irvine Real Estate

There are so many great reasons to buy a new home in Irvine, Orange County.  Newer area, extremely safe, wonderful city to raise a family, centrally located to Los Angeles, San Diego, and the beautiful beaches, and so on!  Among all of these great features that Irvine has to offer, one of the most important […]

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Is your Irvine home loan owned by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae

by Robert Mack March 3, 2010 Irvine Real Estate

If you are wondering if Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae owns your loan, then STOP!  Checking is quite easy now!  You may not even care, however if you are working on a short sale on your Irvine, Orange County home, you may want to have this information upfront so that you know what you are […]

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5 Ways To Get Your Rental Application Accepted – Even with Low FICO Scores!!

by Robert Mack February 25, 2010 Irvine Real Estate

If you are applying for a new credit card, a home loan, looking to lease a new home, or pretty much anything else, your FICO scores will play a big part in the approval process.  In most situations, a low FICO score will result in you automatically not qualifying, except when you are applying to […]

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Roof/Gutter cleaning for Northpark Square Residents of Irvine

by Robert Mack February 25, 2010 Irvine Real Estate

If you live in the San Juan Bautista tract in Northpark Square I’m sure that you have noticed that your rain gutters are not as effective as they were in 2001 when the homes were first built.  I have been a resident in this community since the start and can still remember when the surrounding […]

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