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Are you waiting for the market to get better before you buy??

by Robert Mack July 1, 2010 Irvine Real Estate

There are 2 kinds of buyers right now in Irvine, Orange County.  The one who see the opportunity in buying NOW and those who want to wait in hopes that the market will get better.  No one has a crystal ball, therefore the market could get better for buyers or it could get worse.  I […]

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Interest Rates are 4.5% – will you take advantage or miss out on this opportunity?

by Robert Mack June 29, 2010 Irvine Real Estate

Interest rates today came out at a historically low 4.5%!  If you don’t take advantage of this amazing rate now, you may kick yourself in the butt….. There are two types of buyers right now….the type of buyer who sees the long term value of a low interest rate or the type of buyer who […]

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Orange County created more jobs in May 2010 than any other area in California!

by Robert Mack June 24, 2010 Irvine Real Estate

Despite the high unemployment numbers in the nation, Orange County is doing everything in their power to make a change in the county!  In the month of May, Orange County created 9100 new jobs, which is the most in comparison to any other area in California! To read the complete Orange County Register article – […]

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May/June Northpark Square Sales Are Soaring

by Robert Mack June 23, 2010 Irvine Real Estate

There is no doubt about it!  Northpark Square sales activity for 2010 is thriving compared to 2009.  In the month of May and June 2009 a total of 4 homes sold, and this year in the month of May and part of June a total of 14 homes have been sold, and the scary thing […]

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Who do you know that needs help with a SHORT SALE?

by Robert Mack June 7, 2010 Irvine Real Estate

I was reading an article the other day about home sellers who are experiencing difficulty in paying their monthly home payment, and the statistics were ALARMING…to say the least.  The article said that over 50% of home owners now having trouble with their home payment or simply not even making their home payment will do […]

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44 Bolinas – Now available for lease in Northpark Square – Irvine Orange County

by Robert Mack June 2, 2010 Irvine Real Estate

Located in the highly sought after area of Northpark Square in Irvine, Orange County. Largest model in the San Juan Bautista tract at 1876 s/f. This home features 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms plus a huge upstairs loft/office/2nd living room. The home is has a very open floor plan with plenty of natural light with […]

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Orange County Super Pet Adoption Event in Irvine – June 6th, 2010

by Robert Mack May 27, 2010 Irvine Real Estate

The city of Irvine, Orange county community services presents the 4th Annual Orange County Super Adoption Event.  This event is Orange County’s largest pet adoption event.  It will be on Sunday June 6th from 9 am-5 pm at the Irvine Animal Care Center Located at 6443 Oak Canyon Road. Check out the brochure for facts […]

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Selling your Irvine home? What are you most interested in?

by Robert Mack May 26, 2010 Irvine Real Estate

Over the years I have worked with many home sellers in Irvine, Orange County and regardless of the specific seller situation, location of home, and so much more, I have found that sellers are always most concerned with 5 issues that affect them! 1. What will I do (as their realtor) to maximize the exposure to […]

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Irvine, Orange County Utility Companies

by Robert Mack May 21, 2010 Irvine Real Estate

Everytime I sell a home in Irvine, Orange County and I am representing buyers, at the close of escrow I provide to my buyers the utility information to help them get the utilities transferred into their names. See below for a complete list of the Irvine Utility companies and their contact information.  In addition, click […]

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Buying your new Irvine home……are you focused on PRICE or TERMS??

by Robert Mack May 11, 2010 Irvine Real Estate

This is a question that I ask all of my clients when I first meet them, and their answer is in almost every case…..”PRICE”, until I actually go over with them the difference.  One of my mentors always used to tell me….”Robert, price is NOW, but terms are LONG TERM AND FUTURE”.  This is so important […]

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