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Sometimes the MLS is just not enough to find the right home in Irvine!

by Robert Mack October 15, 2010 Buyers

I heard a few months back from an investor client of mine that only 2% of all homes are listed for sale on the MLS.  What this means is that 98% of homes are not listed, however for one reason or another may be for sale!  You see, if the price is right, everything is for […]

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Are You Covered After You Buy Your New Irvine Home?

by Robert Mack October 13, 2010 Buyers

Today’s post is more of a “recommendation” than anything else.  First American Home Buyers Protection Company has been my company of choice for a home warranty company the past 4 years and they never seem to let me down when it comes to customer service and ultimately customer satisfaction.  There are many companies out there […]

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Five Mistakes That Home Buyers Are Making!

by Robert Mack October 11, 2010 Buyers

There are so many factors right now that are indicating that now is probably the best time to buy a home in Orange County in the last 4 decades.  With that being said, many buyers are being misinformed, getting bad advice, and at times can be over confident throughout the home buying process which can […]

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Buying your new Irvine home? Are you asking for too many repairs? #irvine #realestate

by Robert Mack October 7, 2010 Buyers

There’s no doubt about it, that right now in Irvine, Orange County it may be one of the best times to buy a home in the last 4 decades.  Interest rates and home prices are down and have adjusted and haven’t been this good for 39.5 years according to the housing affordability index.  Even though […]

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Looking to Renovate? Which upgrades add the most value to your Irvine home?

by Robert Mack September 28, 2010 Irvine Real Estate

If you are looking to renovate your Irvine, Orange County home, make sure you don’t just spin your wheels and spend thousands of dollars on upgrades that won’t pay off in the long run.  Check out his article by Dave Ramsey that discusses which upgrades are the best, most looked for by buyers, and ultimately […]

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What’s the point of having an HOA in Irvine?

by Robert Mack September 2, 2010 Buyers

If you are looking for a home in Irvine, Orange County, the chances are that you will have to deal with a Home Owners Association.  Most buyers wonder what the benefits are to having an HOA, and while some are okay with having one and see a benefit, others are completely against it. To see […]

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Thumbnail image for What is Fannie Mae doing to stabilize the housing market?

What is Fannie Mae doing to stabilize the housing market?

by Robert Mack August 20, 2010 Buyers

Yesterday, I was invited to the Fannie Mae regional listing broker training in Long Beach California and I have to say it was such an eye opening experience.  If you have ever had the opportunity to view a bank owned home, you know that 90% of them are not in the best condition (to say […]

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Is it a buyers market or a sellers market in Irvine Orange County?

by Robert Mack August 2, 2010 Irvine Real Estate

It doesn’t matter……if the price is right! I hear it all the time, “right now it’s a buyers’ market.  It’s not the right time to sell.”  The fact of the matter is, if you’ve decided to move because of a new job, or your current home is too big/small, or you just want to live […]

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Can you share your commission with me if you represent me as your buyer?

by Robert Mack July 28, 2010 Irvine Real Estate

I get this question all the time, and it is a valid question! Here is my response to it: Are you looking for a realtor who……. –          Will answer the phone every time you call or call you back within hours? –          Will represent you exclusively and only have your best interest as a top […]

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Get all the facts about the value of your Irvine home!

by Robert Mack July 6, 2010 Irvine Real Estate

 Do you ever wonder what your home is really worth in today’s market? What buyers are willing to pay for it? Or how fast it will sell in this market?  If you do, stop wondering and get all the facts emailed/mailed directly to you……FOR FREE with NO OBLIGATION.  Go To: Http:// and fill out the […]

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