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by Robert Mack on December 2, 2010

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The news isn’t good regarding credit scores across the United States. Bankruptcy filings, housing foreclosures, and real estate short sales – housing sales in which owners sell their homes for less than what they owe on their mortgage loans – have all risen since the start of the Great Recession, and all of these negative financial marks devastate consumer credit scores. It’s little wonder that so many consumers are considering working with credit repair services.

The problem is that the consumer credit repair services field attracts more than its share of con artists. This isn’t surprising: Consumers who need the help of a legitimate credit repair service are in financial distress. They’re not often thinking clearly. And they rarely take the time needed to carefully consider the credit repair boasts that outside companies make.

This leads them to make bad decisions, such as paying a company that promises it offers the best credit repair service before this company actually does any work on their behalf. Then, with consumers still reeling from their financial setbacks, these scam-artist companies disappear with their money.

It’s a heartbreaking scam and one that happens far too often.

Fortunately, consumers can prevent this from happening to them. It’s all about working with a credit repair services company that will focus on the real issue when it comes to consumers who need help boosting their credit scores: changing their negative spending habits.

Credit scores fall when consumers run up too much credit card debt and fail to pay their monthly bills on time. Credit scores rise when consumers pay down this debt and pay their debts on time each month.

Legitimate credit repair companies know this, of course, and they’ll spend time working with their customers to help them determine the triggers for their overspending and the reasons why they can’t seem to pay their bills on time. Credit repair services that focus merely on boosting consumers’ credit score numbers are doing their clients a disservice: The odds are good that consumers will simply damage their credit scores again if they don’t take the steps to change their spending patterns.

Today’s dismal economy hasn’t been a help to consumers who are struggling to boost their credit scores. However, the help provided by a credit repair services company committed to looking at the deeper issues underlying their bad financial decisions can make all the difference.

We all know how big a factor credit scores play in obtaining financing today! Without good credit scores, qualifying for a home loan is nearly impossible. Learn how to ask the right questions from the Credit repair company you choose before actually taking that next step. For referrals to a great company who can fix your credit and get you ready to buy your next home, contact Robert Mack – 949-209-7309

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