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by Robert Mack on January 19, 2011

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1. You can present her a chocolate photo gift box, where the box would be filled with her favorite chocolate like – chocolate with pretzels etc. Put her pictures inside along with you reminding her how precious she is to you and the wonderful times that both of you have shared together. Also prepare a few lines to tell her how much you love her.

2. Another interesting Valentine’s Day gift is a diamond promise ring. It shows your great commitment towards the relationship. Also it has been said that diamonds are a girl’s best friends. But make sure that you present it in a very interesting way – you can do it by wrapping it in a beautiful box with a few words capturing your feelings inside it. Then look for the perfect moment to sneak it in.

3. You can take her to a romantic candlelight dinner. If you are short on cash, then a cheap and effective would be to plan an outdoor picnic for the two of you. Pack in some gourmet food with delicious wine and make her feel special to be with you.

4. You can also make your own scrapbook containing your love letters or your email conversations. Your shared moments should also be included in that scrapbook. It can also include romantic poems depicting your loving memories together. It would be one of the most cherished Valentines Day ever for her to remember.

5. Make her a Valentine’s Day card. If you are good with words, then show your feeling of love with that card and make it smell good. Write with a scented ink pen.

6. Another interesting thing that you could do is buy her something she that wanted to but could not. Also you can try getting rid of anything that is annoying her.

7. You can also present her a home made gift with flowers or anything interesting like a pillow with message written over it.

8. You can play a mystery or treasure hunt game with her and at the end surprise her with your emotions supported by a gift.

Make your life easy and don’t wait till the last minute….haha

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