10 Reasons why people list their home with the Mack Team – Irvine Orange County Real Estate

by Robert Mack on November 3, 2010

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10 Reasons why people LIST their home with me – Irvine Real Estate




1.             Honesty/Integrity – You will never be surprised throughout the entire process.  I will set a timeline and action plan that I will adhere to, and I will disclose all information ahead of time throughout the listing period and escrow process.


2.             CMA/Pricing – Through analysis of the recently sold homes and active competition, I will work with you to help recommend a price that will net you the highest return in the time you need it by.  I will never tell you a price that you want to hear just to obtain the listing.


3.             Communication – The process of selling or buying a home can be stressful, exciting, and overwhelming.  We will set a time, once a week that is convenient for both of us to come together and discuss any questions, thoughts, feedback, or concerns you may have.  I will also be able to bring you up to speed with any new occurrences that have developed such as recent listings or sold homes.  You may also contact me on my direct line/email for any other questions or concerns.


4.             Exposure of your home/Aggressive Marketing – Exposure is one of the most, if not the most important aspect of getting your home sold.  By creating a visual tour, posting 20-30 pictures on the MLS and other web portals, brokers preview, open houses, and aggressively marketing the home to your neighbors in person, will maximize who walks into your home and who will ultimately purchase the property and fight to protect your equity.


5.             Knowledge of Contracts/Negotiation – The real estate agreements can be overwhelming to most people, and are often incorrectly filled out(even by agents).  Having the experience and knowledge of each line item will ensure that you will know exactly what you are agreeing to.  Unless you are comfortable with what you are signing, you never have to.


6.             Pre-qualified Offers – To ensure a smooth sale of your home, I will only present offers to you that are complete.  The purchase agreement to be filled out completely, pre-approval from the lender and follow-up with lender to ensure legitimacy (and in some cases a cross qualification by lender), a copy of the deposit check, and proof of funds to close.  A combination of all 4 will show that the buyer is ready, willing, and able.


7.             Delegation of Services – Throughout the entire process several reports and inspections are ordered and conducted, along with escrow services.  I will help you choose the right 3rd party and will arrange for these reports to be completed in a timely manner to ensure a smooth closing of escrow.


8.             Ability to solve problems – Unexpected problems may occur.  If such an issue comes to play, I have the support of my office and the experience to tackle any issues head on and solve it before it can pose a major threat.


9.             Create a comfortable environment – During the process, there are times of uncertainty, stress, doubt, excitement, and so on.  I will be there to shed light on any situation that you have concerns about and if necessary, will give you several options to follow-up with.  Selling your home can be a very emotional process and it is my job to guide you in the right direction and help you feel comfortable.


10.                Building and maintaining a relationship extending beyond the sale of your home. – To be able to help you get what you want in the time frame that you need it will require me to know your situation and familiarize myself with your thoughts.  My intentions are to learn everything about you that will help me guide you to your best options.  Even after the sale or purchase of your home, I will follow-up with you now and then to ensure that everything is still perfect.  In addition you are encouraged to call or email me with any questions or concerns….I am your realtor for life!! 

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